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As being a pharmaceutical warehouse with pharmacy chains throughout Turkey, Ali Baba Pharma is one of the most recognized providers of goods and pharmaceutical distribution in Turkey. We have been providing and distributing the most important pharmaceutical products with our experienced staff in Turkey and all around the World. Our warehouse is one of the most modern distribution company with its high storage capacity, in use of modern technology and the infrastructure of transportation facilities.

International Sales

In order to provide more convenient treatment opportunity to patients with better prices, we have been in contact with health institutes, pharmacy, hospital, international warehouse and suppliers in 62 countries.

Clinical Research

Clinical researches are usually being studied in medical centres or in a hospital and being applied to health volunteers or patients. It is not usually required to stay in medical centre or hospital for patients and health volunteers, however, the effects of the medicine applied are closely monitored and analyzed by qualified personnel. As a key supplier to clinical trials, we meet the expectations and demands of patients within the framework of the whole procedure. We are able to provide the required product quantity as a single batch and protect the privacy principle in the whole procurement process wit our efficient supplier network.

International Tenders

We closely work in cooperation with many Health Ministries regarding their shortage list. We supply all kinds of medicine to the relevant Ministries of Health with competitive prices and in time sales. We provide all shipments in time which are requested by Ministries.

Humanitarian Aid

Ali Baba Pharma provides medicines to patients with the support of many humanitarian aid organizations in all conditions in international and local projects.

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