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Supply, Distribution, Sales

Supply, Distribution, Sales

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies

Transport Fleet

Transport Fleet

Flexible Distribution Network

Products and Materials

Products and Materials

Systematic and Advanced Storage

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Alibaba Pharma
Alibaba Pharmaceutical Warehouse

We, as Alibaba Pharmaceutical Warehouse, were established…


International Sales

In order to provide more convenient treatment opportunity to patients with better prices, we have been in contact with health institutes, pharmacy, hospital, international warehouse and suppliers in 62 countries.

Clinical Research

Clinical researches are usually being studied in medical centres or in a hospital and being applied to health volunteers or patients. It is not usually required to stay in medical centre or hospital for patients and health volunteers.

Humanitarian Relief

We, as Alibaba Pharma, provide in all circumstances the required medicine to patients in local & international projects with the support of many humanitarian relief associations.